Saturday, September 29, 2012

{Homemade is Better} - Crockpot Applesauce

Last Saturday was the first day of fall.  To celebrate the occassion I made applesauce.  In the crockpot.  It was so easy that I'm still wondering why I've never done it before.  I am no stranger to homemade applesauce, however.  My mom has always made applesauce and it is one of my all-time favorites.  So, inspired by the change in seasons and this recipe from Skinnytaste, I made this very simple and delicious applesauce.

I peeled, cored, and sliced ten apples {I used Honeycrisp along with a couple of mystery apples from my refrigerator}.  I put the apples in the crockpot with a couple of squirts of lemon juice and two cinnamon sticks.  I set the crock pot on low and let it do it's thing for about six hours.  {The aroma is heavenly.}

Then I gave it a stir and removed the cinnamon sticks.  Since it was a little chunkier than I like, I used my stick blender to make it nice and smooth.

I divided the applesauce into several small containers and put them in the freezer, except for one which I enjoyed with my dinner.  The applesauce was so yummy and so easy to make.  I plan to make another batch soon with some other apple varieties.

{Why is homemade better?} Compare to the ingredients in Mott's Applesauce:

I am sharing this easy recipe here.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Book iPhone Dock

{Pinterest Challenge}
My dad hates the internet.  He made this declaration while we were making this book iPhone dock.

He asked me where I got the idea and I told him the internet {more specifically Pinterest but he didn't need to know that little detail.}  To him, the internet is the place I find all kinds of crazy ideas and then ask for his help in completing the projects.  {like this one}  I didn't originally intend to involve him in this project but his help was definitely appreciated {as was his drill and knife.}

Like I said, I found this tutorial by Little Lovies on Pinterest.  Being an avid book reader, this project was practically screaming my name.  I even knew of a great place to get some old books perfect for this - my parent's house.  They had a collection of Reader's Digest Condensed Books gathering dust in one of the bedrooms.  With my mom's permission, I selected a couple of books {my criteria was mainly color but I also considered the titles a little.}

My dad got roped into helping because I was there getting the books and it just made sense {to me, probably not so much to him.}  And his number of drilll bits is significantly larger than mine.

I would say this project was a little more involved than I had anticipated and patience is a definite must.  But I am very happy with it.

What do you think?

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

{Popsicle of the Month} - Watermelon-Lemonade Ice Pops

Even though summer is fading away, the popsicles are not.  {Fading away except for Tuesday when it was 95 degrees.   What the heck was that all about?}

This watermelon-lemonade ice pop from Bon Appetit reminds me of the popsicles my siblings and I made when we were kids.  Our popsicles were simple - lemonade in a dixie cup placed in the freezer.  For some reason my mom frowned on our method.  {Something about them spilling in the freezer I think.}  We didn't bother with popsicle sticks and sometimes we didn't even let them freeze solid - instead opting for a slushy.

Do you have any fun childhood popsicle memories?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Magnetic Recipe Holder

As you have probably noticed, this blog isn't only about what I create in my craft room.  I also share with you what I create in my kitchen.  Now, I don't claim to be a very good cook and I am a picky eater but I like sharing with you as I grow in these areas.  This project from my craft room was inspired by my time in the kitchen.

One day I was surfing around blogland and I came across this fabric covered magnetic frame by Artsy Va Va.  In the comments, someone mentioned this being a good idea to hold recipes.  The light bulb above my head went on!  I had a metal book end.

I would love to have a recipe holder.  And at that moment this project was born.

Instead of fabric, I used paper.  I just happened to have a kitchen themed pad of scrapbooking paper.  {How perfect, right?}

I simply cut out what I wanted and adhered with mod podge to the metal book stand.  I then sealed it with a coat of mod podge.

The finishing touch was also covering a magnet.  {Yes, I know.  I did a horrible job of centering Fresh.}

Another easy project completed.  Yeah!

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

{Healthy Eating} - Overnight Oats

Do you eat breakfast?  I do.  Every morning.  It is the most important meal of the day after all.

Have you seen this internet phenomenon yet - Overnight Oats?  I didn't join the craze until I found this recipe from Cafe Zupas.

Now I'm hooked with my own version of overnight oats:

1/3 cup oatmeal
1/3 cup vanilla Greek yogurt
1/3 cup milk
1 teaspoon brown sugar
dash of cinnamon
Mix all ingrediants together in a bowl.  Cover and refrigerate overnight.  In the morning, remove from refrigerator and top with extra fruit.  Add additional brown sugar as needed.  Enjoy!

I have made it with raspberries, blueberries, cherries and peaches.  I want to try it with apples, raisins, and dates as well.

What I like best about overnight oats is that you can quickly mix it up in the evening and then you just have to take it out of the refrigerator in the morning and enjoy a healthy breakfast.

Make some tonight and tomorrow morning you'll be wondering why you hadn't tried this sooner.  What fruit will you be mixing in your bowl?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Outdoor Pillows

As the summer winds down, I have one last project for my patio.  

One day driving around somewhere {I think it was Independence, IA} I saw someone had a pillow on their andirondack chair.  I thought that looked really cool and wanted one.  

I had some pillows in my guest room that I didn't want anymore so I could use them for this project.  I originally was going to do one pillow but I couldn't decide which fabric I liked better so I decided to make two.

I made these envelope style {I feel like there is a different name for these but for the life of me I cannot think of it.  So I'm calling them envelope style.}  There are plenty of instructions on the internet to help you make these but I went from my memory.  This style pillow case was one of my first 4-H projects {a long time ago.}

Here's how I did it for my 17" pillows:

From a 1/2 yard of fabric {I used outdoor canvas} cut the following:
  • 18" x 18" (piece A)
  • 13" x 18"  (piece B)
  • 11 1/4 x 18" (piece C)
Piece B - On one long edge fold under 1/4".  Press.  Fold under another 1/4".  Press.  Sew close to edge.

Piece C - On one long edge fold under 1/4".  Press.  Fold under another 1".  Press.  Sew close to edge.

With right sides together, match raw edges of piece A and piece C.  Pin.

On the opposite end, with right sides together, match raw edges of piece A and piece B.  Pin.  

Sew together with a 1/2" seam.  Clip corners.  Turn inside out.  

Insert pillow form and enjoy your new pillow!  {Please let me know if something doesn't make sense in these instructions.  I'm not the best at explaining things.  Just ask the new employee I'm training at work.}

Take a look at these other projects I made for my patio:
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

iPhone Case Insert - {College Football Edition}

I've got spirit, yes I do!  I've got spirit, how 'bout you?  It's Game Day!  I'm supporting my school with my new iPhone case insert.

On a related note, this morning I went to the Market wearing a Hawkeye shirt and someone rushed up to me and said Go Hawkeyes!  I love it.  I live out of state but there are Iowa fans everywhere.

Go Hawks!

{Not So Confidential} - August in Review

Do you ever feel like this guy - on the wrong side of the fence and unable to find the way back over?

I thought I'd try something new - a review of the month in my craft room, kitchen, and elsewhere.  And so, without further ado:

{What I made} Craft Projects

{What I made} Yummy Eats
{Where I went} Minnesota Landscape Arboretum - I love the dahlias.

What did you do in August?