Saturday, August 24, 2013


Finally I can cross something off my project list!  Earlier this month I whipped up some fast and easy headbands using four different tutorials that I had pinned over the past year or so.

craft room confidential

Originally I had planned to make these headbands with only the materials I had on hand.  {think scrap buster + tight wad}  But then I saw this ruffle elastic at JoAnns and just had to have it.
craft room confidential

Let's check out what I made:

Braided Headband by Clones N Clowns

Craft Room Confidential

The first step with these instructions was to convert to inches which was easy enough after a quick google search.  The real trick here was finding scraps long enough.  I made one headband using strips 1 1/2" wide and another with strips 2".  It's a close call but I think I like the smaller strips better.  And because I had that cute ruffle elastic I didn't bother to cover it like the original instructions showed.  The only thing I didn't like about making this was attaching the elastic to the braided section.  I just couldn't figure out a good way to make it look finished.  Of course if I had made the fabric tube that would be covered.  Oh well.  Overall, I like these headbands a lot.

Craft Room Confidential

Double Sided Fabric Headbands by happy together

Craft Room Confidential

I knew from the pictures in this post and the pattern that this headband would be wider than what I would like.  But I had a simple fix for that.  After printing out the pattern, I just cut off a 1/4" from each long edge.  This one was probably the quickest sew.  I changed it up slightly from the tutorial.  With the two fabric pieces right sides together and the elastic sandwiched between them with raw edges together along one short end, I sewed a 1/4" seam around three sides (the two long sides and the short one with the elastic).  Then I turned the piece right right side out and pressed, folding under about a 1/4" on the open end.  Lastly, I slipped about 1/2" of the other end of the elastic into the open end and stitched it closed.  Easy!  I still thought the band was too wide so I took my revised pattern and cut off another 1/4" from each long edge.  That was a mistake as it made the ends too narrow.  So I tossed that attempt and instead left the ends the same as my original revision and simply narrowed the center part of the band by a 1/4".

Craft Room Confidential

No Slip Fabric Headband by that girl...that quilt

Craft Room Confidential

So for this headband I did have to purchase something - velveteen ribbon.  I did skip the steam-a-seam and didn't miss it at all.  Otherwise I pretty much followed this easy tutorial.  I bought enough ribbon to make two.  While I like these headbands, I probably won't be making any more.  I'm simply too cheap to buy more velveteen ribbon especially since there are so many other ways to make headbands with just scraps.

Craft Room Confidential

No Slip Headband on Positively Splendid

Craft Room Confidential

This post claims that velcro is the trick for no slip headbands.  Well, I hadn't had any issues of slipping headbands with any of the other bands I made but maybe that's just me.  {I also don't agree with the writers statement that it won't pull your hair out when removed.  But again, maybe that's just me.}. The tutorial offers three variations and I made the one with a fabric top.  I was able to make one with what I had on hand but no more.  And what do you do with the loop side of the Velcro that you didn't use?  Seems like a waste to me.  As you have probably guessed, this was my least favorite of the four types I made.

Craft Room Confidential

Now that you've heard my experiences and opinions, it's time to make your own.  Have fun!

Craft Room Confidential

I am sharing this at my favorite parties.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kitchen Art Printable

Welcome to the weekend!

Check out this super cute kitchen printable from Jessica of Pen N' Paperflowers on I Heart Naptime.

Craft Room Confidential

I printed the 8x10 on my home printer and framed it in a frame I was using elsewhere.

Craft Room Confidential

I just started a little kitchen make over so this is a perfect time to add some fun artwork to the space.

Craft Room Confidential

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

eLRBe {Etsy Shop} - Going out of Business Sale {with a bonus coupon}

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.  The sun has come out this afternoon but I need to get some housekeeping chores done.  The weather has been very nice here the last couple of weeks and I've been checking out some of the local parks.

Bog Walk at Wood Lake Nature Center
That means I haven't been getting much crafting done.  Well, I did manage to get something made {as seen on my instagram feed} but I'm not quite ready to share it here yet.

But don't worry, I have a little something for you.  I have had an Etsy shop for the past five years or so but have decided to close it at the end of this year.  I have marked down all the items in order to find them a nice home.  In fact, today I just made everything 50% off.  And for now until the end of August, you can get an additional 10% off your purchase (shipping not included) by using coupon code BLOG10.
Happy shopping and I hope you find something you like.

P.S.  Wondering what I might be crafting next?  Or what parks I'm exploring?  I would love it if you would follow me on Instagram {lynnbodensteiner}.  If you do please leave a comment below so I can follow you as well.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

{Not So Confidential} - July in Review

So I witnessed my first flash mob this month.  But it wasn't the kind you would expect.  This one was a dinner party and everyone was wearing white.  Appropriately, it was called Dinner in White.  
This was just the beginning.
My brother, sister-in-law and her two teenagers were in town visiting me on this particular weekend and I had taken them to the Sculpture Garden for some miniature golf.  Afterwards, we were just sitting near the entrance of the garden and the parking lot enjoying the beautiful summer evening when we couldn't help but notice all the people that were coming to the garden wearing white.  Some carried tables and chairs.  Others had picnic baskets and flowers.  It was really a strange sight.  Eventually we followed some of these people into the middle of the garden and were amazed to see them setting up their tables and pulling out their dinner.  Apparently, events like this happen in cities across the country and are modeled after the original Dinner in White in France.  Have you heard of this before?

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