Sunday, July 29, 2012


Last Sunday, the farmers market came to me.  My parents were passing through town on their way up north (up north is Minnesota speak for visiting the cabin, usually on a lake, somewhere in outstate Minnesota).  My parents were heading to Grand Marais and my aunt's place on Lake Superior and they brought me some vegetables from their garden:

  • cucumbers
  • potatoes
  • sugar snap peas (so good, wish I had more)
  • eggplant which I breaded and fried and didn't really like.
  • shell peas which I froze
  • green and yellow beans which I froze as well
  • zucchini - some of which I grated and froze so I could make this and this later.  And I made these:
    • Sausage stuffed zucchini boats from skinny taste.  I loved these.  I used three zucchini so I had six boats and I could have eaten them all at one meal because they were that good.
    • Sausage zucchini spaghetti - I had extra filling so I just added some of the marinara to it and served it with spaghetti the next day.  Delicious.
    • Sneaky meatball subs from Iowa girl eats.  What's so sneaky you ask?  The meatballs are made with grated zucchini.  The addition of the zucchini makes these meatballs so juicy and yummy.
I'd say that was a very bountiful harvest for me.

And one last thing to share - my latest popsicle - Neo-neapolitan pops.

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  1. WOW you are VERY talented great work!! Fab blog!
    So glad I found you!