Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dry Erase Project Board

This project was inspired by Kaminski's Creations Menu Board.  But instead of a menu board, I made a project board.  I wanted a project board to replace all the post it notes I had floating around.  I hope this board helps me focus and stay on task.

This is one of my favorite types of projects - easy.  It also could have been done for free {another of my favorite project types} but I opted to buy some pretty new papers specifically for this project.  I choose the following papers from The Sweetest Thing line by My Mind's Eye:

  • Tangerine "Wonderful" Dandy Paper
  • Lavender "Reasons Why" Swatch Paper
  • Lavender "Reasons Why" Motif Paper
  • Tangerine "Together" Chevron Paper
  • Tangerine "Sunshine" Beam Paper

The picture frame had been collecting dust underneath my bed.  It is a frame from Ikea and in its past life displayed a lovely original photograph of a hollyhock.

The first step in this easy project was to dust the frame and clean the glass.  Next, I measured the inside and created my layout.  The letters on the flags are rub-ons and the string is embroidery floss.

Then I slipped the created page into the frame and hung it on the wall in my craft room.

Now it's up to me to use this board.  I plan to take a picture of the board each month and post it so you too can know what is going on in my craft room.

I am sharing this project at these parties.


  1. It's party time over at Debt Free Mommy Blog and you're invited!! Please stop on in and link up with Making Space Mondays. We look forward to seeing any post(s) about making your space better. Hope to see you there. -Tabitha

  2. Great idea! I really like the cute paper. I have so many projects going on myself. I think I need one of these to help me keep track of what I am doing.

    1. Thanks Jenny Lynn. Now I hope that I really use it.

  3. Oh my goodness! This is so smart. And all I need is to buy a glass framed picture from Goodwill or where ever. I have an old ratty white board I put the weekly menu and our schedules up on. This looks so much better! *Pinned It*

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    1. Thanks for visiting Foy. And thanks for the invite to your blog hop. I checked it out and I'm definitely going to add it to my party list.