Sunday, October 28, 2012

{Popsicle of the Month} - Root Beer Float Pops

Never mind that this weekend the temperatures are only in the forties and that it snowed on Thursday {it didn't stick though because the ground isn't cold.}  Last Sunday it was a spectacular 70 degrees.  So, before fall turns into winter I made these super easy and wonderfully yummy popsicles.

I recommend planning ahead when making these popsicles because you will want to use flat root beer so open a can the day before and leave in the refrigerator.

Root Beer Float Pops
Vanilla Ice Cream
Cold, Flat Root Beer
Using a spoon, loosely fill your popsicle molds with small scoops of ice cream.  Pour the root beer into the molds and fill to the top.  Insert sticks into molds and freeze until firm.

I am sharing this simply delicious treat at these parties.

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