Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hipster Pouch

Do you remember fanny packs?  I do.  In fact I use to have a couple of them.  Earlier this spring while out for a walk with no pockets to hold my phone and keys, I wished I still had one of those fanny packs.  I remember exactly the one I wished I had - tan with a velcro flap and a slim profile.  I had made it as a 4-H project.  When I got home from the walk I dug in my box of purses and bags hoping I still had it.  But I did not.  So I decided I would make myself one.

But then spring turned into summer and I still didn't have a fanny pack.  One weekend while visiting my parents, my mom showed me one of her latest magazines she had picked up - Simple Quilts & Sewing #125 - which had instructions to make a hipster pouch.  This was exactly what I wanted to make for myself.  Maybe not having any instructions to follow was what was keeping me from making the fanny pack so I borrowed the magazine from my mom.

But then summer turned into fall and I still didn't have a fanny pack.  Now the days of good walking weather are quickly diminishing.  It almost seemed pointless to bother with this project now but my mom wanted her magazine back.  So, on the first Saturday in November while watching a football game, I made myself this hipster pouch.

It was such a quick project that I'm kicking myself now for not taking an afternoon sooner to just make it.

Yesterday we had a record high temperature (69 degrees) so I took this bad boy out for a walk.

Although I would like it to be just a smidge bigger, it worked well and I'm happy I finally got around to making it.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a great week!

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