Sunday, September 15, 2013

Small Dog Beds

This past week I had visitors - my sister, brother-in-law, and their two four-legged kids, Moxie and Mogwai.  I'm not much of a pet person so having dog guests doesn't happen here much {or actually - at all}.  In an effort to disuade the dogs from sitting on the couches I made them dog beds.

I got the directions from the Winter 2009 issue of Quilts and more.  It was a simple project and a quick one.  And it seems they were well liked.

This is Moxie.  It didn't take her long at all to figure out how great the beds were.  {The beds on the couch were not my idea.  I had them on the floor...}

It took Mogwai a little longer to get used to them.

I watched them one night while my sister and brother-in-law went out to dinner.  Every time my neighbor closed a cabinet door, they raced to the door and barked.  Annoying!

And then they would return to their positions but usually they ended up swapping spots.  Ha! Apparently the white pillow is the best.

Have a good evening.

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