Sunday, December 22, 2013

Santa Ornament

I took an ornament making class at Archiver's last month.  We made four ornaments.  Frankly, I wasn't too excited about the class but at least one of the ornaments we made was worth repeating.  For my annual holiday cookie exchange and ornament making party, we made the santa ornament I learned in that Archiver's class.

Craft Room Confidential - Santa Ornament

Not only are they super cute, they are super easy too.  You could probably whip this one up yet tonight {if you have the supplies of course}.

What you need:
  • Clear ornament
  • Red scrapbooking paper
  • Black ribbon
  • Silver scrapbooking paper
  • Red ribbon
  • Paper trimmer
  • pencil or dowel
  • double sided tape
  • scissor
What you do:
  1. Cut the red paper into 1/4" strips.  I used a mixture of 12" and 8" lengths.  The number you need depends on how big your ornament is and how full you want it to be.
  2. Roll a strip around your pencil or dowel and place your roll into the ornament.  Continue until the ornament is full.
  3. Measure the black ribbon around the ornament and cut to size.
  4. Cut the silver paper into a square.  Mine was a 3/4" square.  Cut two slits in the square.
  5. Thread the black ribbon through the slits you made in the silver square.
  6. Using the double sided tape, adhere the black ribbon with silver buckle to the ornament.
  7. Use the red ribbon to make a hanger. 

Craft Room Confidential - Santa Ornament

Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas!

Craft Room Confindential - Santa Ornament

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