Sunday, January 6, 2013

{Handmade Christmas} Stripey Tree Skirt

So, am I the only one that still has their Christmas tree up?  Probably, but I am taking it down today.  It just seems like it takes so much time to put it up that it deserves to be up for more than one month.  I don't turn the lights on after New Year's Day if that makes a difference.    But this year there is an added benefit for it to be up so long.  On New Year's Day I finally finished this tree skirt and I wanted to enjoy it just a little before putting it away.

The pattern is from fourteen may and the fabric is Joy by Kate Spain for Moda.  My favorite part is the ribbon closure.

I didn't really like that section however {the eighth and ninth triangles} and changed it up from the pattern.  The pieces were overlapping completely and not creating an opening so I cut those trianges in half.  I am quite pleased with my modification.

I did not add the pom pom trim and I didn't quilt the skirt.  {But I did want to do the quilting, however, I haven't really figured out my darning foot yet.}  Instead I added decorative stitching along the seams.

I think it looks like snowflakes.  My one regret is that I used five different fabrics.  I don't really like that stripes one, two, four, and five alternate around the skirt.  I didn't realize that was how it would come out.  If I would do it again, I would just use three different fabrics.

All in all, though, I really love my new Christmas tree skirt.  So much that I am sharing it at my favorite parties.


  1. you have your tree up for a month! I put mine up just before Christmas eve and take it down on the 2nd!

    Love the tree skirt, the closure is beautiful.

    1. Thanks Wendy! And yes my tree was up that long. :-)