Friday, February 1, 2013

{Not So Confidential} - January in Review

I found my mitten!  And just in time.  Today the weatherman uttered these dreaded words - maybe the coldest temperature of the season tonight {14 below}.  Brrr!  January has definitely been a weather rollercoaster.  But earlier in the month I did go check out the ice castle at the Mall of America with my mom, sister, niece and nephew shortly after it opened.

{What I made} Craft Projects

In case you missed it:

{What I made} Yummy Eats
{What I read}  I love reading books and I always have one with me.  Two common places that I read are in the lunch room at work (during my lunch break) and before my Jazzercise class begins.  Some people that see me always reading wonder how many books I read a year.  I thought I'd try to figure it out my listing them here.  {P.S. - book recommendations are always welcome}
  1. For the Sake of Elena by Elizabeth George
  2. Private Scandals by Nora Roberts
{What I am obsessed with} NCIS.  Why have I not been watching this show?  It's sharp and funny and I love the interaction of the characters {Tony DiNozzo is my favorite!}  I came across a marathon on USA Network around New Year's and can't stop watching it.  My Tivo and Netflix are full of episodes to watch.  Too bad I waited for the tenth season to get hooked - I have a lot of catching up to do.

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