Friday, February 3, 2012

Draft Stopper

Last year, I subscribed to Martha Stewart's Craft-A-Day emails.  Most went right to trash but I did keep about 100 of them in a craft folder.  In December, there was one for a Draft Dodger – something I could really use.  My house isn’t old but I always feel a draft by the few windows I had.  This was something I could definitely use!  I remember making a draft stopper as a 4-H project when I was younger.  It had cats on it.  I wonder where that is now.  For my first project of 2012, I decided to make some draft stoppers (I like that name better – I want the draft stopped!)  To make this project, I used some leftover fabric from some past projects.  Because my windows are so big, I had to make three for each window.  It was a fairly quick project.  Now, where is winter?

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