Sunday, February 12, 2012

Soft and Chewy Sugar Cookies

For this post, I am taking you to my kitchen.  

I have a sweet tooth.  A very very sweet tooth.  I like to always have some cookies or bars or something sweet around my house.  So, to celebrate Valentine's Day, I decided to make and decorate heart cookies.  I'm not exactly a sugar cookie fan but that is what I decided to make.  And I wanted a great sugar cookie so I set out to search the web for the best recipe and I found this one for soft and chewy sugar cookies from Brown Eyed Baker.  It is a winner for sure!  I'm going to have another cookie after I finish this post.

I baked the cookies on Saturday.  I did the decorating today (Sunday).  While looking at all the great pins on Pinterest, I found the inspiration for how I wanted to decorate the cookies.  The day got off to a slow start when I couldn't figure out how to put together the icing bag.  After a quick google search I solved my problem, well not with the icing bag I had.  Instead, I ended up using a large ziploc bag.  (Bonus of this trick is no clean up of the bag!)  Then, I struggled a little to get the right consistency on the icing for piping.  I made powdered sugar icing and not royal icing.  Finally, I got that right and off I went to piping the outside of the heart.  I was motoring right along, getting into a groove when I blew out my piping bag.  Oops!  Quick reload of a new ziploc bag and I finished up all the hearts.  Then I made more icing, this time a little thinner in order to 'flood' the cookies. I have never decorated cookies this way and I think I like it although it is a little more time consuming.  Next up the dots.  I colored the thinned icing with red and pink food coloring and put each into a squeeze bottle.  Then the most fun of the day - making the dots.  I really liked how the cookies came out until I looked at the inspiration cookies.  Not quite as good as those.

All in all, the cookies look pretty and they are very tasty.  And I think I know what I will do differently next time.  And there will be a next time.  (Christmas?)

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