Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chalkboard Jar

{Pinterest Challenge}
Thanks to Pinterest, I'm finding lots of ideas that I didn't know I needed to make!  I pinned this project from craftaholics anonymous and on my weekend retreat I made it.

It's a pretty simple project once you find a jar.  (That was part of the reason I made it while I was at my parents house - to raid their recycle stash since I didn't have any jars available at my house.)  Using Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint found at Michael's, I painted the clean jar with four coats of the paint.  Per the instructions, you should wait one hour between coats and then let it cure for 24 hours before conditioning it by lightly rubbing the painted surface with chalk.  I finished my jar by gluing some variegated yarn around the top of the jar and adding a bow.  Lastly, I drew on a design {with chalk of course}.

My original idea for this jar when I decided to make it was to store buttons in it.  But then when rummaging in my parents basement, my dad showed me something even better for the buttons.  (Don't worry, I'll show that to you soon.)  What would you do with this jar?

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