Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wooden Box with Drawers

{Operation Organize the Craft Room}
I have locked myself in my craft room today and am determined to finish organizing and cleaning it.  I am taking a break now to make dinner and thought I'd make a quick post.  As I'm organizing the craft room, I am trying to stick with the storage that I have instead of buying anything new.  In my craft cabinet was this nice but boring box.  

Nothing inside of it was of any interest.  I guess it was just a place to put things that didn't really have any other place to go.  It's new responsibilities will be to store miscellaneous sewing notions - velcro, buttons to cover, zippers, etc.  It was going to have to remain in the craft cabinet because space is limited elsewhere.  So, even though it wouldn't be seen, I wanted to make it fun.  I painted it with acrylic paint I had already {remember, I'm trying not to buy anything new for the room.} in the colors of Indian Turquoise, Burnt Orange, and Pure Yellow.  And then I added some paper by echo park paper co., a walk in the park - a blissful day.  {I did buy the paper.  I wanted something new and I planned on using it on several projects, like this small tool box.}

Isn't that super fun and cheerful?  And it was an easy transformation.


  1. Hi, where did you buy this box from?

    1. I got it a really long time ago but I think it might have been from Ikea.