Saturday, July 13, 2013

Baby Bib

It's week two of Baby Gift week here on Craft Room Confidential.  Today's gift is a simple but adorable baby bib.  You can never have too many bibs right?

Craft Room Confidential

This easy pattern is from Heather Bailey.  I think it would make a good beginner sewing project.  And it sews up in a jiffy.

Craft Room Confidential

The pattern includes an option to add embellishments but I chose not to.  I didn't want to cover up any of the whimsical print.

Craft Room Confidential

Don't these two prints just make you smile?  I think I stood in front of the Dr. Seuss fabric in the quilt store for at least an hour trying to decide which fabrics to select.  So many beautiful choices!  And I loved these two so much I ended up using them in another project which I will share soon.  

Craft Room Confidential

As with the pacifier leashes, I opted to use velcro instead of snaps.  The pattern includes instructions for either.

Stay tuned for more of baby gift month.  And in case you missed the start, be sure to check out:

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