Sunday, April 1, 2012

Magazine Holders

{Operation Organize the Craft Room}
Finally!!!  After two days locked in the craft room {I was allowed out to eat, sleep, and to watch a movie} I have finished cleaning and organizing the craft room.  Thank goodness the weather was gray most of the weekend or I probably wouldn't have finished.  {The sun finally peaked out late Sunday afternoon but by then I was so close to finishing I couldn't give up.}  I think I'll give myself a little break before I tackle the next room for spring cleaning.  My project list has been piling up anyways so I need to do some crafting.

But back to the craft room.  In addition to the wooden box, I found these magazine holders in the back of the craft cabinet.  {I think they are from Ikea.}

I was using them but it was a bit of a pain because they were in the back so I would have to move stuff to get to them.  My plan was to make better use of a small bookshelf in the room and put these on there.  But first they needed a facelift.

The red holders are painted in Delta Ceramcoat Red Iron Oxide and the paper is Picnic Fun by echo park paper co. from the A Walk in The Park line.  The blue holder is painted with Craftsmart Robins Egg Blue {both paints I had on hand} and the paper is Blissful Day from the same line as the other.

The light was fading by the time I got the room put together so I will take pictures another day to show the holders in there new home.  I think they will like it there better than in the cabinet.


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