Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dyed Easter Eggs

Last Saturday, I colored Easter eggs while at my parents.  That is my Easter tradition.  I do it every year and every year I try to do something different.  This year I decided to use food coloring for the dye and wrap rubber bands around the eggs.  {idea courtesy of Martha Stewart.}

The first round of eggs looked pretty but after that the coloring was much lighter.  My original idea was to double dip the eggs to create secondary colors but that didn't really work.

The rubber bands did create a fun look - some of the times.  You had to be careful with them. I had one pop off while I was removing the egg from the dye and that made a bit of a mess.

Overall, I like my eggs but I won't be using food coloring to color eggs again.  It was probably the last time I use rubber bands as well.

After coloring eggs {and doing some sawing, sanding and drilling with my dad and nephew for my next project}, I grabbed my camera and went outside to snap some photos in my mom's beautiful gardens.

Flowers are my favorite subject to photograph.  And tulips are my FAVORITE flower.

It had just rained so I got some pictures with raindrops on the flowers.

Don't you just love the smell of lilacs?

I'm not a fan of plastic flamingos.  But these black and gold ones get a pass from me.  {The colors of my alma mater - The University of Iowa.  Go Hawks!  There is a pink one as well but it was banned from my photo.}

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