Monday, April 9, 2012

Peep Topiary

Did everyone have a nice Easter?

{Pinterest Challenge}

I went to Iowa.  {of course}  We {my mom, dad, older sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew} had a nice dinner of roast beef, roasted smashed potatoes {One of my all time favorites.  I saw it on Five Ingredient Fix.}, and a delicious corn casserole.  {I wish I had the name and recipe to share with you.  It's great.}  But the star of our dinner was the centerpiece.

I found this peep topiary on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to make.  I loosely followed these instructions from The Hungry Mouse.  I couldn't find a 7" styrofoam ball so I used a 6" one.  I didn't want to buy a 6" pot.  {What would I use it for after this project?}  I had a Dove Chocolate popcorn container that I used instead.  {I thought it was fitting to use a Dove box for an Easter decoration.}  I didn't buy enough pink peeps.  See those blue ones peeking out on the bottom?

The peeps on the bottom were tricky.  They didn't want to stay.  It actually was a bit comical.  We didn't let that spoil our dinner though.  We made it into a game - the Peep Lottery.  Everyone at the table was assigned a number, 1-7.  We counted the peeps that fell during dinner and dessert and whoever had that number was the winner.  Six fell and my sister won.  {Much to the chagrin of my nephew who was #7.}  What did she win?  The peep topiary!

We had a non-traditional egg hunt afterwards.  We took a hike down to the river to see the eagles.  {I named them Sonny and Cher.}  One eagle was sitting on the nest.  We could just see her {or was it his?} white head.  {I wish I would have had my digital camera with me so I could show you how cool it was.  I couldn't get a close-up with my iphone.}

Don't go far, I'll share my Easter eggs soon.

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